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My lovely,

I am going to kiss you.  Maybe not on the first date, but I am not going to wait until our wedding day.   The thing is, I like you, and I want to express that.  I am going to express it with my lips and tongue.  People get all up in arms about kissing in this Puritanical subculture, but I don’t get it.  In other countries, you kiss to say hello to your friends (of the same gender, on the lips).  It’s another way to express our feelings.  In France, it’s considered less intimate than a hug, which makes sense; pressing the most public parts of your bodies, your faces, together should be more acceptable than shoving the most private parts of your body together.  But alas, we Christians seem to think a full body hug is perfectly fine (as long as clothes are on), but kissing is at best an unfortunate evil until I buy you a diamond ring.

Kissing is fun, it makes sense, and I am going to do it when I feel the time is right.  I’ll keep my hands to myself, as there is no need to steal second, but I am going to express how I feel.  I know some Christians feel a conviction to not kiss, sometimes even until marriage.  If that is the Holy Spirit and not man made rules, they should follow their conscience and not kiss.  Even though a significant legalism exists in contemporary churchianity, God never sent blanket edicts about it.  In fact, the Bible actually says to greet the brethren with “a holy kiss” and since I know we are both terrible sinners in need of grace, they might last a while from time to time.


A Christian Guy