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My Princess,

When you were a child, like all children, you wanted to grow up and be a princess.  I know this is universally true because of the popularity of the Disney classics, and the fairy tales that proceeded the media conglomerate.  Every little girl wants to be a princess, and every little boy wants to be a prince.  I believe that this is God’s secret plan implanted deep into the hearts of humanity, for his plan from the beginning was to make us princes and princesses.  As it says in the first chapter of Ephesians:

“In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.”

He knew that our race would rebel against him, but he planned to redeem us and pay a high price to adopt us as his own children.  Now, you know that God is the ‘King of Kings‘, right?  So, if we are adopted by the king, what does that make us?  Princes and Princesses!

If you were a peasant girl, I could rationalize treating you disrespectfully or dishonorably.  However, a princess deserves the utmost respect and honor.  The interesting thing is that the princess never has to earn this respect or honor, she deserves it because of her father, to whom she was born (or born-again).  You, regardless of your earned reputation or mistakes, deserve to be treated well, because you are a princess, and a daughter of the one true king.  I deserve to be treated well and respected, not because of what I have done or not done, but because I am a prince of the kingdom that will never end.

Do you believe this?  Sometimes I think you don’t.  From time to time you act like your sins or what has been done to you has caused you to deserve being ill-treated.  God is still great and good and unchanged, so I must conclude that you still, no matter what evil and treatment you yourself might deserve, are worthy of honor and respect and service because anyone bearing the name of your father deserves honor and respect and service.

Please don’t accept poor treatment.  Persecution for your faith from the enemies of your father, yes that comes with the family name too, but those who profess Christ and those in relationship to you must treat you as a princess.  If they do not, do not tolerate their behavior.  If they continue, they need to be shut out of your life.  Princesses don’t have to accept rude foreign dignitaries, and kings do not suffer the insult of their daughters.

One day, you will rule over lands and angels, and even now our dad has delegated you some authority over creation and talents and evil spirits.  It’s in his love letters to us, look it up!

Because you are God’s, you are awesome and worthy of the highest respect and the best treatment.  Please believe it!  I will try to always treat you like the princess you are, and I hope you will always see me as the prince I am, instead of the fallen man that only grace could save.  The gospel is far better news than we live, for the kingdom is near, and our father loves us!


Your Prince