The Purpose

I started this blog because Christian relationships are ridiculous.  Christianity in the west has been diluted and co-opted by, quite frankly, mass-brainwashed consumerism and puritanical pharisees.  Being a single Christian is needlessly complicated by the rules of these unhelpful-legalists, widely ignored or avoided by pastors and leaders, and we are unbiblically looked down upon by self-righteous married people as “that unfortunate period of waiting until your real life and calling can begin at your wedding”.

So, I write to help.  I write to change ideas and perceptions and to counter the shame and graceless legalism that so pervades Christian dating.  The letters are all addressed to young Christian women, but I hope men can find something of benefit as well.  I want to let the ideas of the gospel and grace invade our thinking about romance.  I want Christians to be the leaders in romance, and to offer a viable alternative to the pagan culture of hook-ups that is attractive enough to those pagans for them to inquire as to our hope.  I don’t know if I will succeed, but it is my hope and prayer that we can bring the gospel everywhere we go, including our romances.

Every one of the letters in this blog is set in a fictional scenario.  I intend for them to capture a certain stage or moment common to romances, and thus be easily identifiable by all of you readers.  As a result, some are addressed to a female friend or acquaintance, some to a girl with whom a relationship is commencing, some to a girlfriend, and some to a fiancee.  While each topic and anecdote is obviously inspired from my own experiences in dating (and failing to date) over the past decade-plus, none of the letters are directed towards a specific, real person.  In many cases, the views I have the anonymous writer espouse were formed by my failings in relationships and being shown how idiotic and idolatrous I was.

So, please read.  Let me know what you think by commenting, or drop me a line at  Enjoy!


1 thought on “The Purpose”

  1. Great Blog – very thought provoking and quite different from what other blogs provide in regards to content.

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